PlaySoccer2Give exists to restore dignity where it has been lost through the game of soccer. We do that by partnering with non-profits that are using the beautiful game to advance this same cause. These non-profits need help in two areas, raising awareness and raising funds. Our goal is to assist in both. We do this by running fundraising pickup games and by creating content that can be viewed and shared by you, our most prized ‘soccer for change’ activists. Those reading this have something in common.

We love this beautiful game and we see the possibilities it has to change the world. Soccer captures the attention of the global youth population and is in every nook and cranny of this beautiful planet. Just show a brand new ball to a child in X village and you will instantly see the change as we saw this past summer in our trip to Ghana when children literately kissed the balls we gave them. Today we are filming an episode of The World Cup Project in Israel that will show the power that a soccer ball has to unite two people groups whose history has been plagued with extreme violence. Until now we are 100% self-funded and every pickup game moves our cause an inch further. We thank you for your support in 2013 and look forward to positive games and positive change in 2014. Tell a friend. Here are some images from Adrian Witzke who is working non-stop to film the episode.