Volunteering his time and expertise at the Homeless World Cup this year!  
(Jeff in PS2G Jersey above)
Jeff Pinilla joined PlaySoccer2Give in June of 2014 and has been a strong member of our pickup soccer community ever since.  He believes the game has the ability to create positive change locally and globally.  He is an Emmy Award winning Director and will be donating his filmmaking skills and time by joining Team PS2G at the Mexico City Homeless World Cup.
Our goal is to support Street Soccer USA's Team USA financially and also by cheering them on in support of the entire mission of the Homeless World Cup.  Although it is a competitive event, there is much more to the picture. Jeff will help us capture the action on the field and inspiring moments off the field.  This unique event will bring over 500 players from 50 countries into the downtown Zocalo in Mexico City.

The game is truly an international language that bonds us together while reminding us that we are all equal with the same human rights to be treated with respect and dignity not matter our background or economic status.  On the field we are all working towards the same goal under the same rules. Let's all continue working towards the same goals off the field!

Check out some of Jeff's work here on his website and a few of his recent photos from the field!  Join us on Meetup to donate & play or pitch in from the sidelines via Givz